Awareness Through Movement – Class Recordings

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Pelvic Clock 1

42 min / April 24, 2021

You will explore movements of the pelvis while lying on your back:
Topics: Spine and rib cage, hip joints. Finding connection between the pelvis and the head, softening the chest.

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Bell Hand 1

50 min / April 29, 2021

This lesson brings deep calmness and a sense of oneness.
Topics: Using rhythmical hand movement and connecting it with other parts of self.

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Rolling With the Arm Up

44 min / May 6, 2021

This is a dynamic lesson done on the floor. Rolling to the side and finding connection from the foot to the opposite hand.
Topics: Following the chain of movements, finding support in the floor, softening low back, chest, neckā€¦

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Rolling With Arms in Triangle

48 min / May 13, 2021

Gentle rolling lesson. Connecting eyes and head with the pelvis and softening neck and spine.
Topics: Free your spine, rolling, eyes

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