Breathe Better to Move Better

Breathing is directed by our nervous system, without us doing much about it or being aware of its quality and limitations. 

But what if we can improve something about it – how would it affect the rest of ourselves?

Many ancient practices use the breath as a key component for improving well-being. Luckily, more and more western disciplines are also including it as a part of therapy for various dysfunctions and recovery.

Breathing has a massive impact on overall health and performance and is deeply connected with numerous other processes: 

  • Biochemically, it is responsible for providing oxygen to our cells. 
  • Biomechanically, diaphragm muscle movements influence stability and posture, pelvic floor function, digestive function, etc.
  • The breathing process impacts balancing the Sympathetic (fight or flight) and the Parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems. 

With a very simple practice, we can change neuromuscular patterns associated with breathing and positively impact our:

  • immune function, 
  • digestion, 
  • back pain, 
  • blood pressure, 
  • sleep quality, 
  • stress level, 
  • brain function, 
  • posture, 
  • emotional balance,
  • athletic performance

It doesn’t cost more than dedication to the practice, and it doesn’t require anything other than motivation.

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